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State Resources Page

Texas State Capitol Building
These state resources are purely informational. The presentation of these sites as resources is not intended to replace the counsel of an attorney. I present these resources to you in the hopes that you might find information that helps you understand the problem you are dealing with. And as always, don't hestitate to call me at (713) 780-9595 or send me an email with your questions to take advantage of a free initial consultation.
  • Texas Courts Main Page - home page for Texas courts, agencies, and committees. Has links to related state government and federal court sites

  • Supreme Court of Texas - Contains search capabilities on Case and Attorney information and full text searches of Orders and Opinions

  • Courts of Appeal - links to all fourteen courts of appeal in Texas, in addition to numerous other law-related links

  • Court of Criminal Appeals - highest state court for appeals resulting from criminal cases.

  • District Courts - links to all Texas District County Court websites

  • Constitutional County Courts - contains explanation of the jurisdiction of the Constitutional County Courts, with links these courts' websites.

  • County Courts At Law - explains the function and jurisdiction of the County Courts of Law with links to these courts.

  • Statutory Probate Courts - explains which Texas courts have jurisdiction over probate matters, with links to these courts' websites.

  • Texas Home Page - a myriad of resources for and about Texas, the Lone Star State!

  • Texas Legislature - House - official site of the Texas House. Find out who represents you. You can even send them email from this site!

  • Texas Legislature - Senate - offical site of the Texas Senate. Iinformation on Senate activites with many links and resources related to the Texas Senate.

  • First Court of Appeals - The Web site for the 1st Court of Appeals - Texas

  • Fourteenth Court of Appeals -Web site for the 14th Court of Appeals - Texas

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