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Child Snatching and Parental Kidnapping

The Federal government, as well as the various states, have recognized the dangers and tragedy of parental kidnapping. Texas adopted the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act,Parental Kidnapping which is designed to discourage one state from changing another state's custody order. Further, when it appears that one party might violate the court's order concerning returning the child from a visitation period, Texas courts may cause the visiting parent to file a bond or post security with the court to ensure compliance with the court's order. The bond or security will be forfeited if the child is not promptly returned. If a child is not returned, the custodial parent may also file an application for a temporary restraining order and/or file a motion for contempt.

Parents in Texas, by law, are allowed to sue for money if another person interferes with a legal right to possession of the child. The statute applies when a person takes, conceals, or keeps the child in violation of a court order, or if a person wrongfully withholds visitation from a conservator who has a legal right to visitation.

Under this same Texas statute, a person is entitled to recover any cost or expense incurred in connection with enforcing the conservatorship order. This includes but is not limited to attorney's fees, travel costs, detective fees, and lost wages. Parents should not take the law into their own hands. If there is a serious problem with custody or visitation, you should consult with Carl J. Selesky, or other Houston Divorce Lawyers about your problem rather than using the children. Mr. Selesky will give you a free in-person consultation and will spend a considerable amount of time with you going over all of your legal rights in a divorce.

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